Our training program

Our training program in translation techniques (PFTT)

The LEVE Association and the State University of Haiti are establishing a partnership to promote Haitian Creole as a factor of social cohesion and development in Haiti. This partnership essentially aims to create, in close connection with the French-speaking world, a training program for translators capable of opening up to Creolophones a significant part of the world's intellectual heritage by means of high-quality translations into Haitian Creole.

The expected result of this partnership is:

a) the gradual constitution of a large contingent of professional translators who can put their skills at the service of the Association and, more generally, the education system and other national administrative and economic actors, as well as the Creole-speaking and French-speaking communities;

b) the accelerated enrichment by regular waves of the Haitian language library in the form of particularly bilingual books representing the finished products of training in the most varied fields including classics of world literature.

It is in the service of this noble cause that we invite you. One of the conditions of admission is to be of legal age at the time of registration and to have a good command of both French and Haitian Creole. Also, you agree, in case of admission, to follow the courses with the greatest assiduity, to respect the copyright and publishing secrets relating to the works entrusted to you in translation or revision and to contribute, on a well-defined contractual basis, for the translation of approximately 80 sheets per year (1,500 characters, spaces not included, per sheet) as a main translator, during your training as well as over a period of five years following obtaining your certificate wherever you are in the world.

In return, in case of publication of your translation work, you will receive an incentive amounting to 5% of the public sale price including tax of the copies sold by LEVE; this amount will be paid to you annually on the basis of the official sales statement which will be regularly communicated to you by LEVE, until the acquired derivative rights have been exhausted (Editions and rights managed by the LEVE association). You will also have the option of receiving a greater profit-sharing by purchasing as many copies of the book containing your translation as you wish, with a 25% discount (less shipping costs, if applicable). Beyond these advantages, the translation work that you will do as part of the training will be on academic probation and will not give rise to additional remuneration. On the other hand, during the years following the obtaining of your certificate, you will perceive, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, a remuneration which will evolve according to the value of the “Point LEVE” as well as the level of label which you will have obtained by cumulating translations validated within the framework of the accelerated enrichment program of the Haitian language library (PEABLH) initiated by the LEVE association and in which the training program in translation techniques (PFTT) is part. The corresponding official remuneration conditions are published at the URLhttps://editions.leve.ht/label.

2020-2021 session : Postponed to 2021-2022!

1. Theoretical aspects of translation
2. Description of Haitian Creole: graphic and phonological aspects
3. Creole - French contrast: grammatical and spelling aspects
4. Methods and general principles of translation
5. Translation in a plurilingual environment: the specific case of Haiti
6. Practices of French - Creole literary translation
7. Practical translation, design and initialization of adapted tools
8. Cultural anthropology and translation
9. Contribution of linguistics to economic and social development
10. Terminology

Classroom timetable: The training includes an important part of teamwork (translation, dictionary projects, etc.). The theoretical face-to-face lessons are grouped together at the end of the afternoon.

Head of training: Mr. Renauld Govain, Dean of the FLA

Program manager: Mr. Frantz Gourdet, President of the LEVE association.

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