Who are we?

The Association

Founded in 2015, the LEVE association strives to translate a significant part of the world's intellectual heritage into Haitian Creole to make it a factor in the democratization of knowledge, openness to the world, tolerance, intercultural friendship, cohesion social and economic development. It distributes bilingual works resulting from its translations to Creolophones or Francophones, thus at the same time providing these readers with access to the original works in their languages ​​of creation.

Why are we working?

We are working to alleviate the shortage of cultural and intellectual goods as well as the cruel lack of educational materials, especially in their mother tongue, from which Haitian students suffer, and which make the Haitian education system an ocean of missed opportunities for Haiti and humanity… The Association militates for the respect of linguistic rights in Haiti. By democratizing knowledge and culture through the translation into Haitian Creole of major works that it publishes in bilingual mode, the Association contributes to the respect in particular of the right of every citizen to choose, among the two official languages , the one in which he wishes to express himself or be informed in all situations: official, administrative, commercial ... LEVE struggles to put the Creol-speaking majority back on its feet by encouraging the State to provide it with non-violent means to learn, to cultivate itself and to gain respect in their own mother tongue but also the means of their spontaneous mobilization as a driving force and a major player in national development. 
(See - in french - plenty of other reasons to translate these works into Creole)

L.A. Frantz Gourdet
President of LEVE